Central Alberta Career Prep Pick Up and Go Kits
The following lesson plans were developed by Central Alberta Career Prep and made available for presentation to students from Grades 9 to 12 in Central Alberta High Schools. They were developed specifically to meet many of the learning outcomes of several Alberta Education CTS Career Transitions courses as well as Grade 9 Health and Life Skills.
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Introductory Pick Up and Go Kits
These kits were designed for students in junior high school or for those who have had no formal experience with career education.

The documents below match many of the Alberta Education learning objectives of some Grade 9 courses

and Knowledge & Employability courses with the learning objectives of the Introductory Pick Up & Go Kits

Pick Up and Go Kits

These Pick and Go Kits were developed for students in high school

The Basics of Alberta Employment Standards

(from the Introductory kit - may be adapted for high school students)