What is a Career Planning Portfolio?
Career Planning Portfolios can be viewed in two ways:
As a product, it is an organized collection of items that represent the interests, values, skills and experiences developed throughout a person's career.
As a process, it offers a framework for students to guide and reflect on all aspects of their career development including self assessment, goal settting, skills and values identification, career and educational transition, work search skills, and life long learning.

A Career Planning Portfolio...
  • Organizes all of the evidence students have collected of their goals, achievements and skills
  • Provides a record of students' career planning activities throughout high school
  • Gives clear evidence of skills students have developed over the years
  • Is an important tool for self-reflection. It helps students identify and understand their values, interests, personal atributes, and strengths as well as areas for improvement
  • Is an application tool for jobs/scholarships

Career Planning Portfolio Resources

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